NFL hopeful gives up football to re-enlist in Marines following Boston Marathon attacks

Brandon O'BrienOver a decade ago Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman sacrificed his NFL career to join the Army Rangers following the attacks of 9/11, and now, following the tragedy that unfolded at the Boston Marathon this past Monday, current NFL hopeful Brandon O’Brien is giving up his shot at playing football to re-enlist with the Marines.

O’Brien, a wide receiver at Montana State Northern University, previously served four years in the military before joining the Frontier Conference school. The 30-year-old was a huge longshot to even make the NFL at his age, but still kept his dream alive by training with Athletes Performance Institute. He was hoping that that, along with some impressive times in the 40-yd dash and short shuttle (4.56 and 4.08 seconds respectively), would be enough to garner some attention from NFL teams that might look to draft him, or sign him as an undrafted rookie, as a special teams player.

All that changed following the brutal attacks at the Boston Marathon. Feeling that the events of two days ago “left big hole in his heart,” O’Brien decided to forego his chance at NFL glory to re-enlist with the Marines.

Obviously Brandon O’Brien deserves the utmost respect for this decision, because it takes a special kind of honor and patriotism to give up your own dreams in order to keep the country you love, and the citizens that live there, safe from invaders, both foreign and domestic.



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  • billy

    Noble gesture for sure, but someone clue him in he’s working for Al Qeada now. Serve us well hopefully he won’t fire upon americans.

    • D. Sampson

      what an ass billy is. takes an act like that and turns it into politics, you tell my son and the thousands of servicemen and parents of those servicemen that very thing. better yet, you obviously never served your country or you would not speak like. say your stupid comment face to face to someone who has and then smile while you pick your ass up off the ground you coward. better yet, say it face to face to someone who lost a son or daughter in the military and see what happens. nothing but a coward hiding behind words and politics is all you are

      • billy

        I would die for true freedom. I just have a brain and pick fights I can win. Believe me when SHTF…you want me on your side. The evidence is all there come to grips with the fact US military=taking over countries without central banks so there is no escape from the Ponzi. You do more harm with your comments supporting traitors than I do…

        • Rob Tooker Jr

          Hey Billy, your spaceship has landed, I think they want u back, your work is done…….

          • billy

            Lmao, well at some point you have to take that flag off your back and realize YOU’RE the asshole. Have fun carpet bombing kids you idiots

          • billy

            Also very ironic they bring up PAT TILLMAN a victim of fratricide, of all people. Give me a break?

  • qh4dotcom

    He is giving up his shot at playing football to go do the dirty work of corrupt politicians.

  • Mandika TheWarrior

    It is as pointless and useless as Tillman joining the Rangers all that time ago. There is no country to attack and military action against so called training bases won’t stop terrorists attacks. What the war in Afghanistan and Iraq did was give terrorists easier access to kill Americans or have soldiers kill themselves via friendly fire i.e. Pat Tillman. What if this is domestic based terrorism? Brandon O’Brien re-enlisting at this time is a calculated play to gain more exposure or a totally dumb move. There is no in between.


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