Russian linesman loses mind, attacks player, gets lifetime ban for his efforts

Russian linesman Musa Kadyrov was given a lifetime ban by the Football Federation of the Chechen Republic after he went ballistic and attacked 18-year-old Ilya Krichmar following the final whistle of a Russian Premier League match between Terek Grozny and Amkar Perm. In his fit of rage Kadyrov shoved the Amkar player to the ground before connecting on a violent kick to the downed Krichmar’s ribs before players from both teams intervened.

crazed refAccording to Lom-Ali Ibragimov, head of the regional FAs in southern Russia, who doled out Kadyrov’s punishment, the linesman wasn’t entirely at fault, saying that Krichmar had been verbally abusing Kadyrov during the match.

From Rianovosti…

“Musa Kadyrov has been banned for life from working as a referee by the Football Federation of the Chechen Republic. I have the relevant transcript from the meeting,” said Lom-Ali Ibragimov, head of an umbrella organization for regional FAs in southern Russia.

“Having received a ban from the republic’s federation, he will not be able to work anywhere.”

Ibragimov blamed the player for provoking Kadyrov, who he said was “guilty, but you can understand him.”

“Throughout the whole game, the Amkar player was swearing at him, and Kadyrov didn’t signal with his flag once after these actions, instead referring it to the referee. Unfortunately, the referee didn’t react,” he said.

Even though he denies he leveled insults at the linesman, Krichmar was given an ex-post facto red card for his role in the dust-up.

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