Alley-oop impresses thanks to soccer-inspired backheel pass off backboard

backheelThis just may be the most impressive alley-oop anyone has ever seen, all thanks to the sweet soccer style backheel pass pulled off by “Pat the Roc” to his partner “G. Smith,” who finished off the play with a thunderous windmill dunk. The pair earned a perfect 10s across the board from the five judges during a slam dunk contest at the CRL Good Life Foundation Game.

Thankfully the slow-motion replay is available, otherwise it would have been impossible to see just what “Pat the Roc” was doing during his half of the alley-oop. Still, even after multiple viewings, it almost seems as if there’s a bit of David Copperfield-esque trickery involved—that pass looked a little too perfect, a little too flawless for it to be real.

But it’s real, it’s spectacular, and it’s the driving force behind what is possibly the greatest alley-oop ever.


About the author: Jeff Greenwell


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