Behold the mother of all Russian youth hockey brawls (VIDEO)

hockey brawlThat benches clearing beauty of a borderline insane hockey brawl you just witnessed took place in a youth tournament in Novokuznetsk, Russia, with the combatants being an average age of 10-years-old. The brouhaha escalates rather quickly, devolving from a spirited game of hockey into a scene from the classic movie Slapshot, only instead of Paul Newman and Michael Ontkean we have small Russian children engaging in some old time hockey, like miniature versions of Eddie Shore, Dit Clapper and Toe Blake.

The brawl has it all—goalies scrapping, players pummeling each other mercilessly, Russian kids flying head-over-heels in an attempt to render aid to their teammate (:50 second mark)—so much so that it’s difficult to take it all in, meaning that multiple viewings will be required in order to fully appreciate all the components of this ice battle. It takes a good two minutes before the adults step in to assist the refs in breaking this melee up, which, after seeing how nuts this thing got, makes a ton of sense. With the the amount of fists and elbows flying at groin level from these fighting half-pints, I wouldn’t be too willing and ready to jump in the middle of this brawl either.

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  • John Skins

    This brawl is from 2002.

    • LastAngryFan

      Why do you say that? Can’t find anywhere else saying it’s from 2002…

      • John Skins

        I’m sorry I read it wrong…saw it on Puck Daddy Blog where the video was originally posted and thought it said it was from 2002…the players were born in 2002. Nevermind.

    • LastAngryFan

      Why do you say that? Can’t find anywhere else that says the video is from 2002…

  • BetToWinBill

    Bring ’em up young. Love It!


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