Could this be the lamest baseball jersey foul in history?

Jersey foul

I can almost guarantee that the idea for these Brewers jerseys was more the wife’s decision than her husband’s. Here’s hoping one of his buddies got a similar Milwaukee jersey that reads “Totally Whipped” to go along with his “Since” custom shirt, but that would imply that this guy gets to go to baseball games (or anywhere) with his friends, and we all know that anyone who wears a jersey shirt like that doesn’t go anywhere without his adoring, yet authoritative, wife.

UPDATE: Not sure how we missed this—probably blinded by the awesomeness of the his and hers custom jersey shirts—but it looks as if our henpecked hubby is carrying his wife’s purse. Which I guess is only fitting since in all likelihood that’s where she keeps her husband’s testicles.

[via @vliccar]


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  • nuborasi

    Is he also carrying her purse?

    • Scott H

      It’s why he’s skinny as a stick, and she is fat! Oh wait, I can’t criticize women for being fat without being harassed by feminists but it’s okay for women to insult men for not having muscles or being fat -_-

  • MBrew

    I was at the Brewer’s games this weekend, and they gave out MLB backpacks. He’s carrying the backpack, not a purse

    • John

      yep that is one of them check ones with the strings.

    • Dale Hunt

      doesn’t matter he is still in need of man card removal.

  • John Mayo

    Together since 2008. And how much weight has this fat cow gained since 2008? Too much. Why in the world is this poor loser carrying her purse? Dude, you can do better. Drop the dead weight, all 250 lbs. of “woman” and get someone new. Understand that nothing in this world is more replaceable than a fat woman. Try a thin, pretty one for a change.

    • RobertPPruitt

      I don’t think it is as easy to replace them as you might think. 1/3 of Americans are overweight and 1/3 are downright clinically obese. That man is in the 1/3 minority. I’ve heard people say this country is going right down the toilet, but honestly most of the people wouldn’t fit. 🙁

    • Scott H

      Careful there, you might be labelled as misogynistic! Except it’s completely okay to brazenly insult a man regardless of any health problems and/or injuries if he is fat or skinny… In fact it’s viewed as down right hilarious! -_-

  • BigAl


  • Tom Yawney

    Might be a backpack, but it sure looks like a purse. More importantly, you can tell he would carry the purse.

    • cynicalman

      no, it’s a purse…anyone who’d let their SO talk them into that cheesy shirt has GOT to be carrying a purse…or, maybe it’s a “purth”….

    • genmar


  • Arthur Wilton

    Good for those two; I like it. I just hope it does not catch on. It’s clever, but only the first time.

  • cynicalman

    hmmmm…was her ass that big when they got “together”??…

    • John Mayo

      No, it was not. What man would go for “fresh cow” that size?

  • Koa James

    He’s balding on the crown. I can help him with that!!

  • genmar


    • Scott H

      #1 typing in all caps makes you look childish, and it’s even harder to read because the human mind reads by recognizing the shape of words and not actually reading each letter.
      #2 Horrible grammar on every post here…
      #3 It is generally accepted that wearing matching clothes means you are a weak man -_- Hell, he is carrying everything! I can understand a backpack if she had a purse, but she doesn’t!

  • Dan

    So all the guys criticizing her weight have no flaws? If he should find someone thinner, maybe she should find someone with more hair. Is that okay?


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