CSN Chicago reporter: Blackhawks had “such a tremendous amount of sex” this season

CSN Chicago’s Susannah Collins was doing her thing outside the Chicago locker room prior to the Blackhawks’ opening playoff game against the Minnesota Wild, when she got a little tongue-tied talking about the team’s thoughts that the playoffs, aka the second season, is the only season that matters in the NHL, despite the fact that “they’ve had such a tremendous amount of sex” during the regular season.

The inordinate amount of sex the Hawks had while going 36-7 this year must have paid off because they took the first game 2-1 in OT. Collins, meanwhile, owned up to her mistake on Twitter…

Sure it was a verbal miscue on her part, but seeing that this is a team that employs Patrick Kane, there was probably some semblance of truth to Susannah’s hilarious slip-of-the-tongue.



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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1349029124 Hard Rocker

    Funny! I lover her quick wit! My kind of woman! I am sure she owes her success to that too! 😉

  • JA K

    I’d have tremendous amounts of sex with her 🙁

  • cynicalman

    great…i’m glad everyone is getting their share–and maybe a little more, eh?

  • aguinn

    Isn’t this old??? Or is this just another female reporter saying sex instead of success?


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