Do workout videos normally have a guy pooping in the background? Because this one does


Sometimes it’s the little things that go into a production that make it special—a nod to a significant historical moment here, an uncredited cameo there, a dude in the background taking a dump during filming of a workout video everywhere. Seriously, if you don’t think this was done intentionally then your naivete knows no bounds. Pinching a loaf guy was shown not once, but twice, meaning that even if his first inclusion in the frame was accidental, the second one surely was not. That cameraman knew what he was doing.

The real blame here should fall on the editor for not picking up on the fact that a man was sitting on the toilet in obvious poop mode when editing the video before uploading it to YouTube. Maybe he or she was hoping that the scantily clad, extremely fit hostess of the workout series video would be enough of a distraction that nobody would notice the guy crapping in the background, which might have worked had it not been for the fact that there was a GUY CRAPPING IN THE BACKGROUND! Yeah, those sorts of things get noticed by everybody.



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