Here’s Wayne Gretzky looking pretty drunk in Greenville, North Carolina

Wayne Gretzky, NHL legend and father of the gorgeous Paulina, was in Greenville, North Carolina last Tuesday, taking part in a charity golf tournament during the day, throwing out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game in the evening, and getting totally obliterated in a local bar at night.

All in all a pretty full day for The Great One. And really, what else is there to do in Greenville than get drunk off your ass?

Wayne Gretzky

For a guy who had such great vision on the ice during his playing days, it’s strange to see him not even be able to find the camera stationed right in front of him. At this point though, I doubt Gretzky had much control over his eyes, or any other part of his body.

Here’s another shot, with old No. 99 looking a tad more coherent…

Wayne Gretzky 1

A bit better, but it’s still quite obvious that Wayne is very, very loaded. I’m sure Paulina Gretzky will bring these pics up next time daddy gives her grief over her fondness for posting sexy, nearly nude photos online.

[Shot of Ginn via Big Lead Sports]


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  • righthalfback76

    I think he has the right to get trashed, at least he was responsible enough to safely get to where he had to go. I would rather my intoxicated pictures were plastered and ridiculed online rather than my daughter being nearly nude on the internet any day.


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