Maple Leafs fan’s “Toronto Stronger” sign brings classless to a whole new level

Following the bombings at the Boston Marathon last month—in which three people died and over 200 were injured—the people of Boston embraced the slogan “Boston Strong” as a rallying cry of sorts for a broken, battered, yet fiercely determined and resilient city. Needless to say the terrorist attack on the city of Boston is still fresh in people’s minds, so you can imagine how well received this Toronto Maple Leafs fan was with this “Toronto Stronger” sign he proudly displayed in Maple Leaf Square during Game 3 of the Leafs-Bruins playoff series…

Toronto Stronger

It takes a certain level of douchebaggery to think this would be a good idea, even if it was done in the spirit of fun and gamesmanship. A good chunk of hockey fans are complete meatheads—this guy and the Bruins fan who sucker punched a Leafs fan into unconsciousness in Boston on Saturday are prime examples—but I doubt even the most die hard of hockey fans would condone this brazen act of stupidity.

The Bruins defeated the Leafs by a score of 5-2 to take a 2-1 series lead.

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  • john kovak

    Another non story given legs by the Twatterverse. Nothing offensive about “Toronto Stronger ” in the context that it was used ( a sports competition). As far as Boston Strong goes, I am pretty certain the actual victims will not see dollar 1 of t shirt sales. Another get rich quick scheme by someone trying to make a quick buck off of someone elses misery. . The world needs less slogans.

  • Dave S

    I’m outraged that this cry baby article focuses on whining about a stupid (and non-offensive) sign and not the fact that Randy Watson from Sexual Chocolate was next to the sign guy.

  • Clyde Oliver

    Seriously? You have nothing better to do? Is it any better than jeering “BOSTON STRONG” at a bunch of guys who had nothing to do with the bombing? I know it requires some thought, but none of the Leafs was involved in that bombing, I don’t see why turnabout isn’t fair play. It’s one thing to do a moment of silence or a tribute, but “Boston Strong” is the new motto of the Bruins? Not until the Leafs draft a Tsarnaev.


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