Miguel executed a devastating leg drop to two fans at Billboard Awards

MiguelSinger Miguel took his performance to another level at the Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday night, as he leaped off the stage and delivered a devastating leg drop to two unsuspecting fans that would have made Hulk Hogan envious. It was defeinitely an odd choice by Miguel to take out a couple of fans like that with a well-placed leg drop, but hey, it’s not true performance art until a couple of necks get snapped, or at the very least strained.

On the bright side, if this whole singing thing doesn’t work out for Miguel, he’s got a bright future in professional wrestling.

Here’s a GIF of the singer coming up short on his stage jump (via Mocksession)…

Leg drop

And, in keeping with the whole wrestling theme, here’s Miguel’s beauty of a leg drop as called by WWE greats Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler…

Sounds like at least one of the girls who bore the brunt of Miguel’s leg drop is OK, which is good news since the Miguel meme has gone viral faster than that poor girl’s head snapped back, so we don’t have to feel bad about laughing at her misfortune following Miguel’s misstep…


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