Rangers pull off double play against Mariners that clearly wasn’t a double play (GIF, Video)

double playBlown calls have plagued Major League umpires this year, but this one from Friday night’s Rangers-Mariners tilt is so bad that if it’s not the worst of the season, it’s definitely top 3 material.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning Seattle catcher Jesus Sucre hit into what appeared to be a fairly routine 3-6-3 double play, except that instead of first baseman Mitch Moreland receiving the throw from shortstop Elvis Andrus, pitcher Justin Grimm inexplicably sticks his glove in front of Moreland’s to steal Andrus’ throw, thus negating the double play. Only the umps, for reasons unexplained, didn’t see Grimm make the catch, assumed Moreland did, and called Sucre out.

Seattle manager Eric Wedge came out to dispute the call, but only because he either thought a) Sucre was safe on the close play, or b) Moreland got pulled off the bag by the throw. Apparently Wedge missed the fact that Grimm caught the ball as well, which isn’t as big a deal seeing that his vantage point from the Mariners dugout, as compared to the first base umpire’s view, wasn’t as favorable.

Here’s video of the bizarre double play that wasn’t a double play (via MLB.com)…

And in GIF form, because that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days (via Eye on Baseball)…

Double play

The AL West leading Rangers went on to defeat the Mariners 9-5, with Grimm picking up his fourth win of the season. How much this blown call by the first base umpire played into the victory is debatable, but still, a call this terrible—in a season full of terrible calls—is downright inexcusable.


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