Rest easy Yankees fans, it’s all good between Mariano Rivera and Joba Chamberlain

Earlier today we told you about a testy dugout confrontation between Yankees teammates Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera, when the former got peeved at the latter for telling him to be quiet while he did interviews. Joba didn’t take too kindly to this, telling Rivera “don’t ever shush me again.” The exchange, in front of media and fans alike, created an awkward, somewhat tense situation for all involved.

Good news though, as the pair of New York relievers have cleared the air and settled things between them, according to ESPN

“We did talk,” Rivera said Sunday morning. “It’s good. Sometimes you have little things that we say that we don’t mean. We’re a family here. It’s something that we take care of in house. Unfortunately it happened in front of you guys, but again, it shouldn’t happen. We apologize and we move on.”

Chamberlain denied that he had apologized to Rivera — “There’s no need to apologize. For what?” — but said he and Rivera had “joked and laughed” afterward.

“It’s over with, it’s done, it’s really not an issue in the first place,” Chamberlain said.

Well that is good to hear, because the last thing a major league clubhouse needs is some unwanted friction between teammates. And just to confirm that the two indeed have made up, the Yankees PR department tweeted out this pic of the Yankees pitchers smiling and posing in sort of a half bro hug…

Everybody loves a happy ending.


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