Riled up Heat fan nearly embeds middle finger in Joakim Noah’s face following ejection

Heat fan

This classy moment occurred during tonight’s 115-78 blowout win by the Heat in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semis. That female Miami fan’s bird is one faux fingernail from being embedded in Joakim Noah’s face. Noah was ejected after picking up his second technical when he came off the Chicago bench to argue a call, and had to suffer the indignity of this woman’s extended middle digit all up in his grill as he was dejectedly walking off the court. Not sure why she was so fired up with Noah’s ejection, seeing that the game was all but over with Miami up 37 with 10 minutes left in the game.

Skip to the :40 second mark of the video to see the fan celebrating her handiwork…

The only plausible explanation for her high octane middle finger to Noah’s face is that too much Botox angers up the blood.



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  • davio macnesa

    wow stay classy white america #goheat

    • Rick Leon Zachary

      If you take a close at look at both she may or may not be white.

  • pepe romo

    That’s what you call Florida white trash.

    • zdub311

      Agreed. In Florida, you can’t be classy without white trashy!!!

  • James Chris

    Im not a BULLS fan, nor MIAMI. Actually, I’m rootin for the KNICKS. But as a sports fan in general, In my opinion, that’s really not needed, it shows no class.This is your typical white couple wit $$$, who sit in the front rows of seats, and r on their phones throughout the whole game, and don’t even pay attention to wats going on. These r not your real die hard HEAT fans… or any other fans, of any other team you want to mention for that matter. Before that she probably wasn’t even paying attention to the game. NOAH shoulda gave her the finger back…but, I’m sure he would have had to come out of his pocket though, if they had got it on camera. Maybe this classless piece of work should be fined as well… I’m sure she’s loaded.

  • James Chris

    Plus..that shirt she’s wearing is just as bad as DWAYNE WADE’S jacket.

  • Talentless Clown

    The usual Miami- I never attended a game in my life until they bought a team- fan. Most of the fans in Miami are truly bandwagon fans that you will NEVER see again when Lebron jumps ship in 2014. Just ask the Marlins if you think I’m wrong. Classless rich B**ch taking a shot at a classy, hard working player. NICE!!

    • RenaldosWalkman

      Sounds like the description of Knicks fans lol

      • Buck Chuck

        Not really Renaldos. They don’t call The Garden ‘the worlds greatest sports arena’ for nothing. When they weren’t winning sh!!!t it was still called that because fans always showed up, myself included. So know your facts.

        • Talentless Clown

          Agreed. Most NE teams have a long term generational loyal fan base. Miami is a bunch of wannabes that only go when it is the in thing to do. She looks like 75% of the middle class wish i were famous Houswives of Miami.

          • Buck Chuck

            Exactly. Makes me sick… Did they mention anywhere if that pathetic desperate housewife got ejected? Because if not, then that is just piss poor. And to think that a fan in a major league baseball park can get ejected if he accidently falls on the field in an attempt to grab a foul ball for his 3 year old son. Meanwhile, this c**unnt almost takes this guys eye out in anger and probably got served a long island ice tea after the incident so she could cool off. Justice?

        • Guest

          Worlds most pathetic arena they havent won a title in 40 years! Did you forget the Isiah era? Have fun when LeBron shits on you. And your 20th commemoration of charles smith getting stuffed is coming up, paint yo face clown!

  • Joseph Bonifaz

    Game 3? Not sure who to believe…Google or LAF?

  • Rick Leon Zachary

    Class just reeking in Miami!

  • raydar

    Stay classy Miami. Isn’t she late for her Botox treatment?

  • N3

    I guess all that exposure to anesthesia during her obvious multiple plastic surgeries has gone to her brain. Classy! Miami you must be so proud

    • M75462

      Thanks, we are up to our elbows with as foles like these two dou che bags

  • Tony Smith

    and I thought cocaine was supposed to make you happy?

  • jimL

    he should have reached up there and broken that middle finger right off

  • Pudgy Ashburton

    Her mouth is ready for Joakim’s ****

  • Paulie_P

    Suzanne Somers is a basketball fan?…interesting….

  • johng_3

    Is that one of the fans that came 20 mins late?

  • Talentless Clown

    What’s more pathetic, the coked up botox hag flipping him off or the pathetic husband egging her on. Or the security guard they probably paid off in a fog. Maybe all three had hate sex later that evening with a nice bottle of wine.

  • M75462

    Hey isn’t that Maury and Sophie from Connecticut just waiting for spring to be back for sure back home?

  • a b

    yup, that’s Miami in a nutshell…fake-baked, bleach-blonde, and oh so classless.

  • The Rooter

    These (White People) can do whatever they fucking want because this is a white society and they know very well that the law doesn’t apply to them.

  • Charles Grogan

    Housewives of Miami candidate….White trash with money..Clearly over the top.

  • whozetheman

    Clearly this woman is auditioning for a career in porn…bent over and mouth open! She’s hot!


    holy crap. lot of trash talkers on here. for a woman her age, shes not bad-looking. lets see the ugly pigs all you trash-talkers wake up next to.

  • Ted Agnew

    What a total lack of class. She is probably one of the women rejected by Real Housewives, Miami as being too over the top.Or she may have mistaken him for the Dr. that botched her boob job

  • Tyler

    how would she like it if he called her saggy and old.

  • tony

    Cuban trash that Castro ejected years ago. Go Miami LMAO!

  • engage24

    Dumb bitch. typical miami heat fan just a drunk bandwagoner

  • Nathan Stevens

    Wait ’til Lebron James tires of Miami, holds an hour long special on ESPN, and announces that he’ll be taking his talents somewhere else. The bitch will be flipping everybody off. Hell, she’ll need anger management classes.

  • Robellini

    Transplanted New Yorker. What did you expect? This is how she was trained in NY. MIA has to put up with transplants from everywhere. And quit acting like you don’t have one of her in your fan base, bunch of hypocrites. I bet you thought it was cool when LBJ got beer thrown at him as well as other epithets last year when he visited your arena.

  • Bill Taylor

    I would have punched the TWAT !

  • WIL


  • moe

    That WHITE TRASH B**CH is lucky Noah didn’t fling his arm back at her and break it. I know I would’ve done that and then said…”I was just protecting my self, didn’t know if she was gonna hit me over the head, pull my hair or break something over my head, it’s my natural instincts/reflexes.”

  • Custy

    wtf! Nigga just went off on officals. Didnt even realized he traveled! Next Noah should have smacked that trick upside the head

  • elcidomarte

    classless fans for a classless team

  • Dport4short

    She was apparently once accused of murdering her husband. Look it up

    • jonnyci

      She’s a slut, I know her. She will pretty much blow anybody, I mean look at her mouth in the picture… ready to take a stiff one


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