Dick Vitale embarrasses Eva Longoria on Twitter after Spurs Game 1 victory

We all saw the fourth quarter of Game 1 of the NBA Finals—LeBron and Wade were “fatigued,” and Tony Parker reminded everyone why he is still one of the most elite guards in the game. As San Antonio’s defense stifled the Heat’s megastars, Parker was running wild, sinking a mid-range jumper at the buzzer to seal the game.

Congratulations are in order for that performance, and they came from nearly everywhere. Including one unlikely and awkward source…


That right. Just moments after the game,  Dickey Vitale sent one of the strangest tweets (see above) imaginable in this situation. Just imagine how Eva Longoria felt after reading that one. We all know Dickey V isn’t the best with words, but that certainly doesn’t stop him from spewing (or tweeting) whatever his hairless dome contrives. Thankfully it looks like Vitale deleted his tweet as of today.

This is exactly why twitter needs an age limit.


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