Durham Bulls’ Tim Beckham juked his way to one of the most impressive scoring plays ever

Tim BeckhamDurham shortstop Tim Beckham scored an absolutely incredible run in the Bulls’ 8-4 win over Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Friday night, on a play that he had no business scoring on in the first place. Following Beckham’s two out double in the bottom of the 7th, Cole Figueroa hit a soft liner to centerfield that the Bulls infielder tried scoring on from 2nd base. Scranton/WB outfielder Melky Mesa came up with a perfect strike to catcher Jeff Farnham that should have had Beckham dead to rights, except that the Durham shortstop proved tougher to catch than a greased Scotsman, juking Farnham out of his jockstrap a couple of times before scoring on the play.

Here’s video of Beckham’s ridiculously evasive baserunning tactics…

Watching Tim Beckham dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge like a young Patches O’Houlihan makes me think he has a promising career in professional dodgeball, should this whole baseball thing not work out for him.

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