ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap mistakenly refers to Aaron Hernandez as Aaron Rodgers

Aaron RodgersSo, have you heard the news about former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez, who’s in all sorts of trouble now that he’s been a) charged with murder in the death of Odin Lloyd, b) cut by New England following his arrest, and c) is now being investigated for a double homicide in Boston last year? Yeah, to say things aren’t looking so rosy for Aaron Hernandez would be an epic misfire of an understatement.

On Wednesday ESPN was covering the Hernandez murder saga with ace reporter Jeremy Schaap giving his analysis when he made an innocent, albeit hilarious, slip of the tongue, referring to Aaron Hernandez as Packers QB Aaron Rodgers during his live segment. Other than the fact that both are professional football players—well, they both used to be anyway—the two are about as similar as Marilyn Manson and Mr. Rogers.

Here’s video of Shaap’s on-air flub (via Shutdown Corner)…

Rodgers got wind of the slip up and responded on Twitter accordingly…

Not only was Rodgers’ response probably tongue-in-cheek, it was absolutely perfect.


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