This collision by three North Carolina players in foul territory is profoundly weird

During Tuesday’s College World Series matchup between North Carolina and LSU, three Tarheels players converged on a fly ball in foul territory when, inexplicably, two of the players—shortstop Michael Russell and leftfielder Parks Jordan—go down in a heap, in one of the oddest collisions you will ever see.

At first glance it looks as if Russell and Jordan are goofing around, except that they end up taking out Moran as well. So what explanation could there be for the UNC players’ weird collision and subsequent fall? Invisible banana peels? Some kind of radical change in the Earth’s gravitational pull? A sudden case of Manu Ginobli-itis? We’re through the looking glass here, people.

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  • Tealey Fant

    What happened?? It doesn’t even look like they hit each other!


    The first two guys tripped each other, and one of them collided with the guy who caught the ball. They do lack coordination though.


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