Ravens’ Twitter account trolls Miami Heat’s sparsely attended championship parade

Not sure why the Baltimore Ravens official Twitter account went off on the Miami Heat for their supposed poorly attended championship parade, but whatever the reason may be, there’s no denying they were flat out trolling the Heat and their fans, and we thank them for it…

Heat fans will argue that the picture has either been doctored to make it look like the there was little more than what could be deemed a small gathering of people, or that the angle of the photo conveniently leaves out the hundreds of thousands that showed up en masse to cheer on the 2013 NBA champs. I prefer to believe that the majority of Miami’s supporters left early thinking they had somehow lost Game 6 again and were unsuccessfully trying to get back in to the parade when they found out otherwise.



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  • Karin

    Miami had twice the population and no one was shot. Ravens need to try harder.

  • Art

    yo baltimore, can’t you just get along? – “The stabbing victim, Deontae Smith, 15, was just a few blocks away from the route where he was shown in police video being attacked by someone in purple as others in Ravens apparel watched, the Sun notes.”


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