Boston Bruins take extra special care of their logo with Justin Bieber in town

In case you forgot, pop sensation Justin Bieber broke a cardinal hockey superstition when he unwittingly stepped on the Blackhawks logo in the Chicago dressing room while snapping a photo of the Stanley Cup earlier this month. With the Biebs in town to play the TD Garden on Saturday night, the Boston Bruins were taking no chances, as they hilariously set up a barricade around their famed logo…

And if that doesn’t do the trick, word has it that the Bruins will have Zdeno Chara stationed beside the logo, armed with a hockey stick and bag of pucks just in case Bieber should breech the velvet rope.


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  • CapnFoo

    Awesome. That disrespectful piece of sh*t doesn’t deserve to share a locker room with real athletes like NHL players. Stick that little b*tch in the mop closet where he belongs.

    I can’t wait to be watching VH1 in 10 years and see this kid on celebrity rehab or something. He’s a disgrace to the music industry.


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