Hannibal Cavemen SS Mattingly Romanin taken out by skydiver delivering game ball


In what definitely has to be a first in baseball, Hannibal Caveman shortstop Mattingly Romanin, who plays collegiate ball at Chicago State University, was milling around the infield with the rest of his teammates as they waited for the start of  Saturday’s Prospect League game against the Terre Haute Rex when he was accidentally smashed into by a skydiver dropping off the game ball. The right side of Romanin’s head took the brunt of the impact, but thankfully the infielder wasn’t too seriously hurt, save for a small wound near his right eye, and the Hannibal infielder managed to play the entire game.

Here’s video of the unfortunate encounter…

The Burlington, Ontario native was as shocked as the rest of us that of all the ways a player can get injured in a ballgame,  probable concussion by skydiver was one that got him…

As weird as Romanin’s freak accident was, I’d be in more disbelief that an experienced skydiver would have such terrible aim, especially with such a vast amount of real estate at his disposal.





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  • Pro Sports Rants

    y wouldn’t he just simply step to the side instead of trying to duck down which was an epic fail

    • lakawak

      Why would you use the phrase epic fail in 2013 if you are older than 12 and still want to have SOME chance of losing your virginity?

      • ThetruthlsBACK

        why r u worried about what another man writes?


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