Knicks’ Tyson Chandler might want to stop skipping leg day

I guess it’s somewhat normal for extremely tall individuals tend to have incredibly skinny legs, but Knicks center Tyson Chandler’s gams look downright ridiculous to the point that you might think this picture is photoshopped, which, from all accounts, it’s not…

Tyson Chandler

It’s all well and good that Chandler’s upper body is looking quite chiseled and firm, but would it kill him to throw in a squat or two? On the plus side he can wear the hell out of a pair of skinny jeans tailored specifically for the overly tall gentleman, if he’s into that sort of thing.



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  • ass hole

    Your an idiot! Of course it’s Photoshopped (poorly too). Who’s knees are shaped like that?

  • disqus_nFALrAiY3v

    doesnt take a genius to know how fake that is………..ah duhhhhhh

  • Purple Drank

    LOL @ Jeff Greenwell.. If you can’t tell this picture is photoshopped YOU SIR are an absolute MORON! I hope this hits the front page so everyone can see how much of an idiot you are!


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