Nicolas Cage digitally inserted into old movies is the stuff of dreams

Nic Cage

Know how to make a classic film infinitely more watchable, without having to resort to piling on the full frontal nudity? Somehow incorporate master thespian Nicolas Cage into the already established films, and the wonderful people at MOVIECLIPS have done just that, Cage-ifying several classic movies and instantly making them better and more dynamic than anyone ever thought possible.

Hyperbole aside, this is the greatest thing the Internet has ever produced in the history of ever. It also fulfilled my lifelong dream of seeing what exactly Nic Cage would look like if he were a leech sucking on the neck of a young, chubby Jerry O’Connell before he became the thin, handsome husband of Rebecca Romijn…

cage neck

Tell me that won’t haunt your dreams for the next several months.

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