Only in Russia would a 550-ton military hovercraft land on a crowded beach

Boy those Russian beaches sure seem nice, what with the clean white sand, clear blue water, and 550-ton military hovercrafts. Apparently this beach is off-limits to the general public, and is owned by the Russian military. I’m guessing all those beachgoers didn’t get the memo…

A spokesman for the Russian defence ministry told local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that the hovercraft was on a tactical mission in an area owned by the military.

“Docking at the beach … is a normal event,” a spokesman was quoted as saying. “What people were doing at the beach on the territory of a military (base) is unclear.”

However, the newspaper said the base the ministry was referring to was in Khmelevka, several kilometres away.

Does it matter who’s wrong or who’s right in this case? No it doesn’t, because as far as I’m concerned, Russia is the wacky entertainment capital of the world.



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  • P Terrance Nels

    ‘LANDS’? Not sure if I’d refer to that as landing on a crowded beach. That hovercraft is bad ass though!


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