Surfer Anastasia Ashley’s sexy warmup routine is the new hotness (VIDEO)

Anastasia Ashley is a professional surfer who has only recently come to our attention, not so much for her skill and expertise on the water, but for her incredibly sexy warmup at this year’s Supergirl Pro contest. Let’s just say that Anastasia’s pre-surf routine involves a lot of gyrating, squatting, and even some clean, wholesome twerking, that’s sure to be enjoyed by young and old alike…

Kind of reminds us of everyone’s favorite Australian hurdler, Michelle Jenneke, only better.



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  • runninron69

    How is a blatantly obvious ripoff of Michelle’s routine “better”? Sorry, but it looks to me like all she’s doing is fishing for time on the internet. Michelle actually has a little meat on her bones. This emaciated little 12 year old boy needs to eat a couple of cakes.


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