Pic of Tim Tebow, Aaron Hernandez and Riley Cooper is your 2013 NFL offseason in a nutshell

Will Brinson, NFL writer for CBS Sports, tweeted this photo of Aaron Hernandez, Tim Tebow and Riley Cooper from their halcyon days at Florida, with the caption, “The NFL’s offseason, summed up in one photo.”

Sadly Brinson’s right on the money with that assessment. On a side note, who exactly is Tebow throwing to in this picture? He’s looking at Cooper, but Hernandez has his hands up as if he’s awaiting a pass, while the ball seems to be going to absolutely no one at all.

In other words, pure Tebow.


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  • Go Broncos

    “Pure Tebow” — at least in the context of this photo — would be that he was the second most efficient passer in the history of the NCAA.

    I realize taking a shot at Tebow probably makes you feel like you’re on the leading edge of sports commentary, but at least try to base your snide remarks on something other ill-informed popular perception.

    But then, that’s what being an angry fan is all about, isn’t it?

  • Colleen

    moe, larry and curly


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