Cardinals S Rashad Johnson lost part of his finger during game, found it in his glove

During the Saints’ 31-7 beatdown of the Cardinals on Sunday, Arizona safety Rashad Johnson suffered an injury that is as gruesome and nauseating as it gets. At some point during the game Johnson lost the tip of the middle finger on his left hand while tackling Saints punt returner Darren Sproles. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Johnson didn’t know how badly his digit was damaged until he took his glove off and the tip of his finger was still in it, according to Kent Somers, Cardinals beat writer for the Arizona Republic…

Somers acknowledged in a later tweet that it was actually Johnson’s left middle finger that was injured, not his right as he originally reported. The Cards’ safety underwent surgery, and now must be monitored for infection because of the bone being exposed. Spoiler alert for the faint of heart: surgeons had to shave the bone down quite a lot, taking Rashad’s middle finger down to the first knuckle…

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Rashad Johnson as he recovers from this historically awful injury.



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