Could this goat story be the G.O.A.T. of goat stories?


In Gresham, Ore., a police officer out on patrol came upon a rather odd scene, when he spotted a goat on the roof of a house. Concerned for the goat’s welfare, the cop was going to attempt to corral the animal and get him off the roof, but was warned by a neighbor that it would be wise not to try and rescue the goat, because he will charge you. Apparently this goat charges everybody, save for one man, his owner, the only man the goat “respects” enough not to take a run at.

Don’t laugh, goat respect is serious business.

From Fox 12 Oregon

A police officer who spotted something unusual in Gresham Thursday night was given a warning not to get any closer.

“The goat will charge you,” he was told.

That goat was on the roof of a house.

Officers out on patrol spotted the goat on the 300 block of Southeast 172nd Avenue at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

When they inquired if everything was OK, seeing as how goats aren’t found on rooftops every day, they were told this farm animal was not the friendly type.

In fact, they were told “that goat only respects one man,” according to Gresham police. That man is the owner of the goat, who arrived at the house and got the 2-year-old animal weighing in at 35 pounds off the roof without further incident.

Officers suspect the goat used a ramp near the home to climb his way up to the top of the house.

Love that this guy has earned the respect of a goat, while I still can’t get zero respect from family, friends and assorted loved ones.


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