Jared Allen sacks Eli Manning despite being fully engaged with lineman

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have to sit through this snooze fest of a Monday Night Football game between the Vikings and Giants, then you have my sympathies. On the plus side, you were treated to what quite possibly might be the sack of the year, courtesy of Minnesota DE Jared Allen. Somehow Allen, in an impressive show of strength and determination, was able to reach around and drag Eli Manning to the ground despite being fully engaged with Giants lineman Will Beatty at the time (GIF via the incomparable @cjzero)…

Allen sack

Allen’s surprisingly ridiculous sack led to one of the most classic Eli Manning faces of all time (courtesy @TheNosebleeds)…



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    That is truly funny. Thanks for sharing, went to bed early and missed the game. Love to wake up and see ‘Giants win!’ Hopefully my Dad watched, with a local brother or two, but yes, classic face. See what good hugs can do???


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