Just when I think I’m out, Craig Sager’s fashion sense drags me back in

Truth be told I very nearly gave up this blog after 4 1/2 years of its existence. The daily toil of maintaining a middling website in the midst of raising a family, working a full time job and looking after my personal well-being began to take its toll on me, and I damn near closed the door on Last Angry Fan for good. But three things changed my mind—the loyal readers who visit the site on a regular, or semi-regular basis, and without whom this side project of mine would be nothing; some reassuring words from a dear friend in the business who made me realize that there are people who have my back; and Craig Sager’s terrifically misguided sense of fashion. Because without this site, and the time I spend scouring the Internet for stories, I would completely miss out on Sager’s questionable choices in clothes, and really, seeing Craig Sager report from the NLCS while wearing this totally makes life worth living (via @jose3030)…

Craig Sager

Sager gets all the bonus swag points for having a cat on his tie (via @cjzero)

Sager tie

It’s good to be back.


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