Will Ferrell announced Dodgers lineup before Game 5 in most Will Ferrell way imaginable

Facing elimination in Game 5 of the NLCS, the Dodgers trotted out Hollywood superstar Will Ferrell to announce the team’s starting lineup. Apparently the actor was the team’s good luck charm as Zack Greinke, whom Ferrell referred to as “today’s winning pitcher,” went seven strong innings in L.A.’s 6-4 win. The Anchorman star has done this sort of thing before with equally hilarious results, and while it may not be logistically possible, we’d love to see it passed into law that Will Ferrell has to announce the starting lineups for every team, before every game, in every sport. At the very least it’d save us from a Land of the Lost sequel.



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  • Bob

    Will Ferrell has all the talent of a College freshman drama school student
    Im sick of this guy, hes at Laker games posing as security, he announcing Dodger games in his stupid non funny way, he just led the USC football team on to the field like a dork,

    He calls the dan patrick show once a week under a fake name,
    GO AWAY…do like most hollywood actors make your money and sleep in late, and try not to be seen, stop attempting these stupid drama school pranks that only you think are funny.


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