Check out these hilarious Detroit Lions “Conference Participants” t-shirts

Conference participants

While the Broncos and Seahawks are their respective conference champions, it doesn’t quite seem fair that only those two teams will be selling merchandise celebrating said accomplishment. The wonderful people at Alternative Hero felt the same way, so they came up with a t-shirt for the Detroit Lions that is sort of a participation award for playing in the NFC.

From their website…

Our American Apparel made in the USA version tee.  We live in a world where nobody is a loser, everyone wins…or at least gets a participation award.  This week, Conference Champions have been crowned…but why are only those cities able to celebrate?  This week only Detroit, you now can join in on the fun.  Get the Detroit Football Conference Participants tee.  See guys, we can win something!  This shirt is created with humor, sarcasm, or something in between and is not officially licensed or made with the intention of being so.  We are the Official, Unofficial!

See, there is a positive side to the wussification of America…this fine looking garment.


Click HERE to order one of these shirts. No doubt they’ll be a hot ticket item everywhere except the greater Detroit area.


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  • LynnSinnah

    Ha! Did they get a plaque also?


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