Derrick Coleman responds to hearing impaired girl’s letter with equally awesome letter

Earlier today we brought you an amazing letter of support Seahawks RB Derrick Coleman received from a hearing impaired little girl that went so viral it caught the attention of Coleman himself, who fired off a letter to his young admirer that was equally as awesome as the original…

Here’s what Coleman wrote, in case you can’t make it out…

Dear Miss Kovalcik,

Thanks for the letter! Really was great hearing from a friend who I have so much in common with. I appreciate you rooting for the Seahawks and me and hope you continue to do so when we play in the Super Bowl!!!

I want you to know that I always try my best in everything I do and have faith in you and your twin sister too. Even though we wear hearing aids, we can still accomplish our goals and dreams! If you or your family ever in Seattle, I hope we can all get together and play some sports or games!

Take care,

Derrick L. Coleman Jr.

If any of you were on the fence regarding which team you should root for in Super Bowl XLVIII, I think this seals the deal. Go Seahawks!


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  • LilBoiBlu

    Thanks for sharing such inspiring interaction between two fellow travelers.

  • Robert Stone

    Could Coleman please give a blood transfusion to his teammate Richard Sherman? Classy is as Classy does…


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