Family Feud survey inexplicably labels Shaq 2nd greatest NBA player ever

I haven’t watched Family Feud since the good old days when Richard Dawson would routinely feel up the female contestants while wearing some hideous polyester knits. Now I’m told that the show is hosted by Steve Harvey, which would be one big reason why the game show has fallen off the radar for me. The other being I am not a 74-year-old retiree.

Recently the show tried their hand at a NBA related survey, asking 100 people who the second greatest basketball player in history is, behind Michael Jordan. As you can see from the picture above, Shaq led the way with 25 votes, followed by fellow Lakers Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson, which would make it seem as if the Feud surveyed 100 Los Angeles based hockey fans for this particular question, because as great a player as Shaq was, there’s very little doubt he was not the second best player in basketball history.

And if you think the most egregious omission from this list is Wilt or Dr. J or Hakeem, well, you’d be wrong. It’s Kurt Rambis. Dude won four NBA titles while wearing thick Buddy Holly glasses and mullet. Trendsetters need Family Feud love too.



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