Potential HS game winner finds back of rim, doesn’t budge (VIDEO)

This was just like the ending of Hoosiers, only instead of Jimmy Chitwood’s game winner finding nothing but net, this final shot at glory ended up sitting on the rim until officials realized the ball wasn’t moving and retrieved it. So in reality it was nothing like Hoosiers. A lot less Gene Hackman too.

Tied at 65 with mere seconds left on the clock Grandview (Wash.) High School rushed the length of the court for a chance at a last second victory over Prosser, but the Greyhound player’s layup, while on the mark, came to rest on the back of the rim and didn’t move. No worries though, as Grandview didn’t seem to have any problem with physics defying shots in the extra period, and ended up winning the game 72-70.

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