Houston Rockets Twitter account zings team’s inept second half shooting

The Houston Rockets came out flying against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night, scoring 73 points to the Thunder’s 59 for a 14-point halftime lead. Things didn’t go so well for the Rockets in the second half, as they would only manage a measly 19 points, and ended up going down in flames 104-92.

Houston’s terrible second half shooting wasn’t lost on the team’s own Twitter account, who masterfully zinged the Rockets and the huge discrepancy between their first and second half shooting…

Luckily for the Houston Rockets official Twitter account only about 1% of the population find Godfather 3 the superior movie, and would object to their tremendous joke. Of course if you actually believe the final film in the Godfather trilogy is better than the first two, your opinion is invalid to begin with.


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