KHL player dons tin foil fish hat for greatest shootout attempt in history

This weekend the KHL held their annual skills competition Bratislava, in conjunction with their all-star game, and if you needed more proof that the Russians get ‘it’ when it comes to how players should conduct themselves during these silly skills events, look no further than Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk winger Yegor Milovzorov, who donned a tin foil fish head hat when he took his turn at the shootout portion of the competition…

fish head

Putting the puck in your mouth and dive bombing the net is probably against the rules, but since I don’t follow the KHL all that closely, this move may be perfectly legal. With wacky Russia you just never know.

Here’s a better view of Milovzorov’s headwear that’s not only fashionable, but also guaranteed to keep the government from terrorizing your brain…

fish head

And finally, these three guys were spotted outside the arena prior to the skills competition, showing off their KHL-themed beards, and making Milovzorov’s tin foil fish hat only the second strangest thing seen at the KHL All-Star event…

Who knew ZZ Top were such huge KHL fans?

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