Levante players team up to score ridiculous own goal in 4-1 loss to Barça

Own goals in soccer can be backbreaking, especially when you’re up against a powerhouse like FC Barcelona, even more so when said own goal ties up the game. With Levante up 1-0 against Barcelona in the Copa Del Ray quarter final match, Barça came down the field and put forth a decent scoring attempt that the Levante goalie initially saved. Then his defenders—Loukas Vyntra and Juanfran—got together to produce one of the most comical own goals you will ever see…

Great communication guys. Not sure who’s more at fault here—Vyntra for the kick, or Juanfran for the deflection? Judging by this picture of a dejected Juanfran, I’ll say the latter…


The Levante gaffe didn’t really matter all that much as Barça would cruise to a 4-1 victory behind Cristian Tello’s hat trick.

[H/T to Who Ate All the Pies]


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