Pittsburgh high school basketball team boasts four sets of twins

The Taylor Allderice High School boy’s basketball team may be the most unique in the country, because the squad boasts not one, not two, not three, but four sets of twins, three of which are identical (the fourth are paternal twins). Considering that identical twins occur in three of every 1000 births, the odds that one high school hoops team (school enrollment 1,336) would have three sets of identical twins is beyond astronomical…

For the record there’s Timmy and Jimmy Jackson, Kenny and Keith Robinson, Javaughn and Davaughn Moultrie, and Juwan and Jalen, the paternal twins. The group has been dubbed “Twinsanity” for obvious reasons, and while the team shows an unusually high level of chemistry because of all that shared DNA, it can get confusing at times for head coach Buddy Valinsky.

Said Valinsky…

“It’s hard for me ’cause sometimes I really don’t know which kid to yell at, and that’s where the odd point is ’cause during the game they have a number, but still on the floor after the game I can’t remember which one that really made a good play or made a bad play.”

All those identical twins running around the floor at one time is enough to drive someone …wait for it…”twinsane.”

/drops mic, walks off stage to smattering of boos, immediately questions life choices



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