9/11 truther interrupts Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith’s press conference

Super Bowl XLVIII MVP Malcolm Smith was right in the middle of his post-game press conference when a 9/11 truther ran on stage, grabbed the microphone, and began ranting about how the events of 9/11 were perpetrated by the U.S. government, as Smith looked on in stunned disbelief…

This incident would be somewhat laughable had it not been so scary. According to NJ.com the truther has been identified as 30-year-old Brooklyn resident Matthew Mills. How he was able to sneak past the exorbitant amount of Super Bowl security is a somewhat incredible story.

Once again NJ.com has the story…

Then the self-described 9/11 truther saw an employee bus at Secaucus Junction and hopped aboard.

Around Mills’ neck was an old credential from a festival he covered, a rectangular badge that, at quick glance, didn’t look too dissimilar from the ones issued to media members, team employees and others who worked the Super Bowl.

He also used a common refrain whenever hassled by security, which is supposed verify each credential or ticket with a barcode along with putting attendees through other security screenings.

“I just said I was running late for work and I had to get in there,” Mills said. “It was that simple.”

Mills said he got through multiple layers of security using that bogus story.

“I didn’t think that I’d get that far,” Mill said. “I just kept getting closer and closer. Once I got past the final gate and into the stadium, I was dumbfounded.”

Mills was arrested and charged with trespassing before being released on his own recognizance. In my opinion he should be commended for showing just how poor security is at the Super Bowl, despite the millions of dollars spent on it every year.


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