Sad Eli Manning GIF is the gift that keeps on giving

This is sad and hilarious all at the same time (via @cjzero)…

Eli Manning

Eli Manning sure is taking it hard watching big bro Peyton get whupped in the Super Bowl. That’s what being a good little brother is all about.


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  • Finding Nemo

    Why is this even a GIF? He isn’t moving. Should be a JPEG. Why don’t we make a GIF of the frikkin Mona Lisa as well?

  • Bella

    Eli was also caught making the same sad face at the end of Superbowl 50 and many people were claiming it was plain jealousy that Peyton has now, the same number of rings he have. What people fail to see is that Eli will always have an undefeated record against Tom Brady. That’s something he will always have over his older brother. Maybe that’s just Eli’s normal face.


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